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In the autumn of 2003 we started ripping a 1 year old Grand Cherokee WJ apart, to install what at the time was one of the top In Car Entertainment systems in the world. We had never gotten involved in this area before, so it was to prove to be an interesting challenge. Nick (the owner) had given us a free hand to come up with a spec that he would enjoy, money wasn’t much of an issue within reason, quality of sound was paramount and it had to be a good quality, stylish installation that he would be proud to show off. The features were to include the best quality sound system on the market, a DVD player with 3 screens and surround sound, a navigation system, terrestrial TV and a Playstation 2 / X Box. We spent a while shopping around before settling on the Alpine F1 status equipment. The reason being that they had all of the requirements covered in a quality package that would all work well together. We initiated some conversations with Alpine technical in Milton Keynes, and started to put a spec together to meet our requirements. After some lengthy discussions, the spec chosen was as follows:

Alpine Equipment

  • 1 x CDA-7990R F1 tuner/CD player
  • 1 x PXA-H900 F1 multi media manager
  • 1 x TME-M790 7” Widescreen monitor
  • 2 x MRV-F409 Power Amps
  • 2 x MRV-757 2/1 channel Power Amps
  • 1 x MRP- T130 2/1 channel Power Amp
  • 1 x SPX – F17T Speaker kit
  • 3 x SPX – F13M Speaker kits
  • 2 x SWR-124D Sub Woofer Speakers
  • 1 x DVA-520P DVD player
  • 3 x KCE-200V Video signal splitters
  • 2 x TME-M750 6.5” Headrest monitors inc driver boxes
  • 2 x SHS-N251 Wireless headphones
  • 1 x CHA – 5624 6 disc CD 2changer
  • 2 x KCE420V 4 into 2 splitter units
  • 1 x TUET-152 TV tuner (PAL / Secam)
  • 1 x SPS-1005 Tweeter kit

As we are not Alpine dealers, we had to order the goods from Alpine via Ian Banning in Guildford, who kindly got it all in for us. This lot got the ball rolling. The day it all arrived, there was this huge mound of expensive looking boxes filling the bay. It was then that it dawned on me just how much space we would need to get all this lot into the Jeep. Nick had requested that we kept all the seats and left him enough space for a couple of suitcases in the back.

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