Surrey Off-Road Specialists Limited

Patrick is a long standing customer who first came to us with a YJ that he wanted to modify. He got that up to a nice specification and then decided to start again with a brand new vehicle. The end result is this gorgeous vehicle that we have been tinkering with over the last few years. Patrick imported it from the States and has been gradually changing it into the excellent off-roader you see here. Some of the mods seen here, include a Hansen winchbumper that is fitted with a Warn XD9000i winch, Warn rear rock bumper, Warn diff protectors, Safari snorkel and extended breathers, Teraflex 3 suspension kit with Old Man Emu XL shocks, Teraflex quick disconnects, BF Goodrich 285x75x16 Mts. Rokraider tailpipe mod. The Rubicon comes standard with Dana 44s front and rear that have 4.11:1 ratios and difflocks, a 2 suspension lift, 4:1 low range transfergears. We relocated the Locking diff control solenoids from alongside the transfer case, where they are mounted on the Rubicons and mounted them up out of harms way under the bonnet.

The Rubicon makes an excellent base vehicle to work from, as most of the stuff you would normally address, have been done, plus you get the bonus of a Dana 44 front axle! If you fancy bringing one over for yourself, you need to allow for the costs to make it conform to the UK road regulations. There are a lot of things you will need to change to make it road legal in the UK.

His wife, Jane, also has a matching PT cruiser to complete the ensemble. Very nice!

The first 3 pictures show it standard. The rest were taken as we modified it. We test all of the vehicles after we have modified the suspension on our ramp. This forces the suspension to the maximum of its travel both fully compressed and drooped to ensure everything clears properly and brake hoses are not stretched.