Surrey Off-Road Specialists Limited

We specialise in total rebuilds, whether it is a faithful restoration or a rebuild with upgrades. In these days of technologically advanced but soulless, bland vehicles, a popular rebuild is to take an older vehicle that has bags of character and rebuild it with a combination of original parts and modern, resulting in a blend of the best of old and new.

Another good reason to rebuild an older vehicle is the current and forthcoming regulations. The current trend of wrapping society in cotton wool has led to vehicles being made more pedestrian friendly. Whilst this is very understandable, the result is manufacturers having to manufacture vehicles with more soft bendy parts on the front making them less suitable for anything other than very gentle off-roading. Bullbars, A bars and supplementary bumpers are now illegal, unless they comply with the EEC tests, which means they have to be soft and bendy and unsuitable for serious off road use. The regulations are not retrospective, so if you have a vehicle that is already fitted with some sensible off road equipment, it can be restored and kept going.

We enjoy building vehicles with character for the discerning customer who wants something different!

See the complete restoration of Paul's LandCruiser FJ45 for an example of one of our bigger projects.