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We have prepared both the "RUBICON" 2 TJ Wrangler and "RUBICON" 1 CHEROKEE for JEEP UK Ltd. To build these vehicles we have had to design and fabricate a lot of the equipment as there was little on the market if you wanted to go beyond the usual bolt on goodies. We now offer a whole range of quality products for both the Wrangler and Cherokee. Some are our own products that we are marketing under our registered trade mark ROKRAIDER, and some will be items made by other companies that we have sourced from around the world.

As newcomers to this scene will read this I have taken the liberty of pointing out some potential pitfalls worth considering before modifying your Jeep.

If the vehicle is still under warranty you will need to discuss the proposed changes with your local dealer as some of the modifications could potentially invalidate the Jeep warranty. Jeep appear to be taking a reasonable stance on this front so far.

If you change the front of the vehicle structurally such as fitting a winch you may adversely affect the operation of the airbags in the event of a crash. Until more information becomes available on this point, we believe you should assume that the airbags will not work properly. Some of our products have been tested but most haven’t and where applicable we will require you to sign a disclaimer in the event of you purchasing one of the untested products.

There has been a change in regulations that have outlawed the fitment of bullbars, A frames and supplementary bumpers to the front of most vehicles with a weight up to 3500Kgs max. At the time of writing this (19/5/08) you are allowed to fit a winchbumper and winch, providing it doesn’t have a bullbar or A frame. This could all change if the EEC do not accept the UK’s interpretation of the regulations that we now have to adopt. The legislation is not retrospective and does not apply to existing fitments at this time I will report in more detail on this in my blog.

Finally when we modify your vehicle, the handling and performance will change (usually for the better). It is important to understand how the modifications will affect the vehicle and drive it accordingly. You should also consult your insurance company in case they have a problem with any modifications that you are intending to make and get them to confirm in writing that they approve the modifications. They are entitled to withdraw your insurance in the event of a claim if you have made any changes and have not notified them.

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