Surrey Off-Road Specialists Limited

We have been asked to do some strange things over the years, this job was no exception. Our local shepherdess (Sam) has gained a parrot. Problem is, he goes everywhere she goes, along with the dogs. She tasked us to build an easily removable perch for the back of her Hi Lux pickup for the parrot to travel on. After a quick measure up, a Land Rover hoodstick was deemed suitable for the task and we knocked up some mounts for the cutdown hood stick to fit into.

All was going well until the parrot decided that the shiny Snap On spanner needed closer inspection, sidled over, and grabbed it from the tailboard. Having now got a firm grip on it, he wasn’t keen to give it back and what should have been a quick job dragged out into a battle of wits with the parrot (I still have the scar on my forearm).

The parrot now rides around on his new throne eyeing up following cars.

He has since destroyed the smart key that immobilizes the Toyota and has taken umbrage against the rubber door seals that are now in tatters. The dogs have had the odd nip if they get to close to his perch as well..

A bit of light relief in the workshop, made me chuckle.