Surrey Off-Road Specialists Limited

Servicing is an important function, that is there to ensure that vehicles are maintained for safety and reliability. One of the problems for the manufacturers with 4x4ís is designing a service schedule that covers all aspects of use that they may get. The vast majority of 4x4ís in the UK never go off road, but probably spend their life constantly starting and stopping in heavy traffic wearing out the brakes and drive train with the engine never given a good clearout, yet not clocking up many miles annually. Alternatively they may spend their life on motorways clocking up high mileage quickly, which in turn inflicts a different type of wear. High speed cornering and braking will take its toll on wheel bearings, suspension joints and brakes. Then you have the vehicle that is used primarily off-road where it is constantly driven in mud and chemicals used on the land, probably in a very dusty environment during the summer. In severe conditions it is quite possible to destroy a set of brake pads in a week if they are not cleaned out after use. Then of course, there are the competition vehicles that will suffer all sorts of abuse.

As you can see each requires a different sort of maintenance.

Our approach is to use the manufacturers standard service schedule to ensure the basics are covered and then recommend extra checks as needed to suit your use. This will ensure a proper upkeep of your vehicle.

We also recognise that the costs of keeping your vehicle regularly serviced can be stretching the wallet to breaking point in the current economic climate. Whilst we do not advocate stretching your service intervals, if you are in the position where you need to stretch things a little, talk to us about our Mid Service Check over.

This is a thorough inspection to ensure that there are no safety issues occurring on your vehicle whilst you are stretching your service schedule. We do not change any oils or filters; we do however check all the levels, brakes, joints and tyres and advise of any problems we find.