Surrey Off-Road Specialists Limited

Seth uses this fabulous brute to help erect Silver Stage’s spectacular structures, as seen at most big events. The large hoop like frames that hold the roof up are winched up into the correct position. To do this, we have equipped it with a Warn XD9000 at each end. The front winch is mounted in an ARB Safari bumper and the rear is one of our demountable custom mounts that fit on to the Dixon Bate adjustable tow hitch. To finish off the rear it also has an ARB step bumper. To power this lot, we fitted a pair of Odyssey batteries and both winches are operated with Warn wireless controllers. To make them more user friendly, the decision was taken to dispense with the Wire ropes in favour of the much friendlier and lighter Dynaline ropes.

Other tasks this vehicle has to perform is to tow one of the many Airstream caravans that they also hire out. We have removed the factory hydraulic suspension that can be troublesome and replaced it with Old Man Emu suspension. To maintain its comfortable ride when empty, we have used the standard rear spring with Airlift helper springs within the coil and an onboard compressor, so the suspension can be trimmed on the move, when it has one of the larger Airstreams on the back, that can be very heavy on the nose.

Whilst we were at it, Seth wanted it to sound sportier. So, we custom built a stainless steel cat back system that replaced everything from the Catalytic converter back. We experimented with a silencer, but the 4.2 turbo charged diesel is such a quiet running engine, we found that by the time the turbo and Cat have finished with the exhaust gas, it didn’t require a silencer at all! Now it has a deep burble and the whistle from the turbo, that you only hear when you are giving it some rice! It sounds fabulous!

With the go faster soundtrack encouraging you to go faster (when not towing!) and the weight of the Airstream caravans shoving it along, the decision was taken to upgrade the brakes. We fitted DBA vented, slotted and drilled discs on the front with Hawk competition pads and EBA vented and slotted discs on the rear with Hawk competition pads. The overall drivng, handling and stopping package works very nicely, despite the extra weight

As it will venture off road on occasions, the decision was taken to fit a Safari Snorkel and extended breathers from the transmission and axles.

As Seth had a pair of fairly solid, stainless steel side steps kicking around from a previous toy, he decided to have them modified and fitted. These are sturdy enough to protect the sills whilst proving a good-sized step to help with the now taller entry. To improve its protection underneath, a set of ASFIR aluminium belly plates were fitted.

Some jazzy wheels were needed to finish it off. There is not a huge selection available for the 100 series. Seth eventually opted for the Mullins 8x16 "Monster" wheels in black. These in turn have been fitted with 265x75x16 BF Goodrich All Terrains.

There has been lots of other electrical work done inside (not by us), so it really is fully loaded.

Goodies list:

  • Old Man Emu suspension
  • Airlift air assisted helper springs on rear & compressor
  • ARB Safari winch bumper
  • ARB rear step bumper
  • Warn XD9000 winches fitted with Warn wireless controllers and Dynaline winch ropes
  • Rokraider custom demountable rear winch cradle
  • Rokraider custom droplate re enforcing brackets
  • Rokraider custom Stainless Steel Catback exhaust
  • DBA “kangaroo Paw” vented, drilled and slotted disc rotors front and rear with Hawk competition pads
  • Safari snorkel
  • Rokraider extension breather kit
  • ASFIR belly plates
  • Stainless steel side steps modified (unknown make)
  • Mullins 8x16 "Monster" Alloy wheels
  • BF Goodrich 265x75x16 All Terrain tyres
  • Odyssey batteries

For more information about Silver Stage Event Structures, visit this link: It is worth visiting if only to see the amazing structures they create.