Surrey Off-Road Specialists Limited

Another oddball project that came our way.

Over the years, we have worked with Brandscape’s and Brand Experience’s boss, Ian Mullinghani on a number of interesting projects. His latest brainwave was to sit a Robinson RB22 on the roof of a Skoda Yeti. This was to be a static display version of the BBC Top Gear stunt, where they landed a Robinson on a platform fitted to the roof of a moving Yeti. The vehicle would then tour round the country attending shows and be available for dealers to display at their showrooms.

The actual Yeti used for Top Gear stunt was duly delivered and an out of hours Robinson RB22 that had been used a static display model materialised. We set about fabricating a platform that would be strong enough to support the weight of the helicopter, but light enough to be able to be manhandled. We originally planned to build a sort of roll cage inside the shell to brace the roof, but once we got the trim out, we could see how well made the Yeti is and decided it was strong enough to take the weight. So, we built the platform and mounted it on the same strong points that the roofbars used. That is all it needed!

With the platform bolted on using the original captive nuts (no drilling required), we lowered the Robinson on and waited to see what would happen. Basically, the suspension sagged a bit and that was all. Not bad when you consider it had roughly 1 tonne on the roof!

Having worked out the best position for balance, we then U bolted the skis to the platform, so there was no way it could escape. We then put four jacks underneath to level the Yeti and give the suspension a break, we also made up some large tent pegs to be used with ratchet straps as guy ropes, if the weather forecast was windy.

Once finished a flat bed truck showed up with a Hyab crane and some ramps. We lifted the Robinson on and then drove the Yeti up the ramps and off it went. By all accounts, it has been a big success and has turned heads wherever it has gone.

I wonder what Ian is going to come up with next??