Surrey Off-Road Specialists Limited

We have been manufacturing a detachable front winch mount for the Touerag for a few years now. We essentially have a floating subassembly that sits over the collapsible front crossmember. It is designed so as not to hinder the crossmember collapsing to absorb the shock in a hard impact. There is a 2 standard receiver with a horizontal pin that holds the winch carrier in place when in use. It is not designed to be driven with on road, as it would be a hazard for pedestrians, cyclists etc. The power is supplied via a 2 pin Anderson plug that the winch plugs into mounted through the front grill. You simply remove the winch from the tie down cradle in the back of the car, remove the rubber bung from the receiver, insert the winch into the receiver, put the pin through and lock it, plug the power leads into the Anderson plug, turn the power isolator on and you are ready to go.

On this variant we have fitted a Warn 9500Ti, but can fit most of the range without any problems.

A nice neat discreet installation that will do the business.