Surrey Off-Road Specialists Limited


"Ambitious. Advanced. Tough-as-nails. Revolutionary technology fuels the best winches on the market today. No-compromise construction, extreme sealing and the highest in performance and reliability make them a perfect match for the serious off-roader. Backed by the WARN Limited Lifetime Warranty."

Applications: WARN winches are suitable for all makes of 4x4 (a suitable mount is required). The type of winch you require, depends on what you are going to use it for. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Find out more at:

Recovery Gear

The range of recovery gear available to the 4x4 owner is as varied as the companies that produce it. We select from the top names, such as WARN, ARB and Hi-Lift, to ensure that you get only the best quality and safest product. The range of recovery gear and accesssories available includes;

  • Hi-Lift Jacks.
  • Exhaust operated air jacks or bull bags.
  • D-shackles.
  • Kinetic Ropes
  • Tree trunk protectors
  • Winching gloves for handling steel rope.
  • Winch cable dampeners
  • Snatch Straps
  • Ground Anchors
  • Sand Ladders
  • Winch Extension Straps
  • Pulleys and Snatch Blocks
  • Hand Winches

Drop us a line or give us call and we can put together a kit that to suit you, whether you are travelling a desert or just a weekend off-roading.